About Stonewall Recovery

Canada's very first 2SLGBTQ+ addiction treatment facility, currently offering online recovery programs.

We've got big plans...

The immediate goal for Stonewall Recovery Centre is to secure a 50 bed in-patient treatment facility and to renovate it to suit our needs. This will be achieved through fundraising and a capital campaign. To get involved with us, email info@stonewallrecovery.ca. We will also use this time to establish a recognized brand in Canada through community building events and fundraisers like the Stonewall Recovery Community Market and the Stonewall Recovery Bricks and Mortar Gala.
The 3-year goal for Stonewall Recovery is to have the in-bed treatment facility in full operation by Summer of 2024. Once open, this will begin our pilot project of the new, redesigned, treatment program. The pilot project is anticipated to run until Spring of 2026 and will be a time of adaptation, growth and learning.
Upon the completion of the successful pilot program, a new capital campaign will begin with the intent of growing to all six Canadian regions.  Market research and assessments will be done between 2024-2027, and regional rollout will be determined based on greatest need at that time. The regions in our plan are: Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, Mountain, and Pacific.

How do we get there?

Great question... WE NEED YOU! Stonewall Recovery is a charity, which means we rely on donations and sponsorships to fund our development and run our program. Please visit our donation page, GoFundMe OR email info@stonewallrecovery.ca to learn about our other donation options. Taxable donation receipts will be provided by Simon House Recovery Centre.

Your contribution has the power to save a life.

Our Core Values

  • AffirmingYou matter to us. No matter where you are at in your gender or sexuality journey, we are here for you. Our goal is to help guide you through the treatment process while valuing who you are at the very core of it.

  • Equitable No matter how you identify; female, male, neither, or both: we will offer you treatment with the same level of agency and compassion. We also acknowledge disabilities and work with you to adapt to your specific needs.

  • Innovative With every client we learn something new. We strive to be leaders in addictions treatment through the adaptation of our programming to best fit the needs of the community we serve.

  • CompassionateWhether you have been through treatment 10 times or this is your first time, we will take the same approach of compassion and respect. We welcome you to treat this program like it is your home just as much as it is ours.

  • Informed With an industry leading team, we stay informed on all new developments by being involved in the community, in the industry and in the conversation. 

Stonewall Recovery is excited to bring our diverse range of programs to life. As we continue to raise funds and work towards securing a physical location, we will keep you updated on the progress of our programs through our various media channels.

You can follow our journey and development on the platforms below!


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