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A Letter From the Founders

In partnership with Simon House Recovery Centre
Canada’s First 2SLGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment Facility

Did you know that approximately 35% of youth living on the street identify within the 2SLGBTQ+ community? Unfortunately, due to a lack of acceptance, these youth are considered both runaways and throw-aways by their families or communities that they are residing.

It is time that we do something about this disparity in our society. Our 2SLGBTQ+ youth are dying at a greater rate than ever before; they are 14 times more at risk of addiction and completing suicide. Currently, there is no place within Canada that queer people can call home while they recover from their struggles with substance use. No place completely exists where they can feel safe, secure, and have the freedom to be authentically themselves. A place that is constant and will always be there no matter what. 

Canada’s First 2SLGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment Facility

In the next year ALONE over two thousand 2SLGBTQ+ people will die if nothing changes. We know the responsibility now falls to each of us; to put action to our words of support, Founders Steven Archambault and Brittney Sawyer along with our champion Dr. John Rook and the team at Simon House, Stonewall Recovery is being created to fill a need that is long overdue. 

Co-Founders Brittney Sawyer (She/Her) and Steven Archambault (He/Him) are creating Stonewall Recovery Centre so that each 2SLGBTQ+ person has agency in their recovery. We live the adage “Nothing about me without me”. Stonewall will provide each 2SLGBTQ+ person with the dignity they deserve and a fighting chance to recover from their problematic substance use. 

Stonewall will also be a hub within the 2SLGBTQ+ community with organizations that support parts of the queer community uniting in the common goal of saving lives and providing lifelong support for those that identify within the 2SLGBTQ+ community. When someone comes into Stonewall they will leave with the next lines of support increasing their success rates. 

Stonewall Recovery Centre is about having a safe place for 2SLGBTQ+ people to recover from addiction and is critical to success. That safe place is even more critical when you come from a community that has often been misunderstood, abused, thrown away and victimized.

Check back soon we will have more information updated regularly. But in the meantime, we do need the support of everyday Canadians. Donations are what is going to bring Stonewall to life sooner rather than later. Thanks to our partnership with Simon House Recovery Centre all donations receive a tax receipt. Please consider making us your donation destination this year. You can send us an email or donate directly to our GoFundMe.

With respect and admiration,

Brittney & Steve

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